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Nostalgia in the Garden: Help, Hindrance or Somewhere in Between?

“Gardens distort time like few other spaces and artforms. They’re a curious amalgam of tenses – they grow in the present from seeds of the past and lean towards a future vision that may or may not appear. Nostalgia, in many cases, is fertilizer – it can guide plant selection, design decisions and grand ideas. It’s a tool used regularly by designers to ensure they’re creating spaces that resonate with their clients, and by home gardeners who carry their memories of past places, plants and people with them into the garden. It’s complicated, though. Whilst I acknowledge nostalgia as a force that has some influence on  my own garden making, in some ways I feel like it’s too easy. Holding on to nostalgic ideas can mean we don’t challenge ourselves to create places that mean something more than they might. Places that say something of the land they’re a part of. Places that re-imagine futures.”

– Nicola Cameron, Pepo Botanic Design


From The Planthunter issue 61, April 2019

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