The Planthunter Directory: Exchange Stores

Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores, owned by Duncan and Megan Trousdale, brings together quality garden tools and enamel and cast iron cookware to plant, nurture, cook, preserve and eat the fruit and vegetable harvest. From their 125-year-old timber and iron general merchants at Nundle, NSW, Duncan and Megan send goods nationally. 


81 Jenkins St, Nundle NSW 2340
(02) 6769 3233
[email protected]

Dirty Nails Survey: Duncan Trousdale

Duncan Trousdale is one of the friendly faces behind Odgers & McClelland Exchange Stores, the 120 year-old general merchants he owns & operates with his powerhouse wife Megan & their three beautiful children in Nundle, northern-inland NSW. A hardworking family man, veggie gardener and certified dirt sniffer, Duncan exudes a warm, easygoing charm typical of Australian country folk. We caught up with Duncan to find out whats getting under his fingernails lately… 


From The Planthunter issue 42, July 2017