Cecilia Fox is a bespoke floral studio based in Melbourne. Guided by the fleeting beauty of the seasons, Cecilia Fox’s floral work comes from an intense respect for nature and its wild abundance. Appreciation of form, texture and tone are matched with a vigorous desire to share an experience of the botanical world.


Cecilia Fox
12 Hardy St Brunswick, Melbourne VIC 3056
0499 880 018

Life Lessons: Florist Melanie Stapleton

Mention Australian floristry and it won’t take long for the name, Cecilia Fox, to pop up. The uber successful Melbourne boutique owned and run with heart by Melanie Stapleton, Cecilia Fox has become an exemplar in the industry, pioneering a sense of both wildness and elegance in their floral displays and installations and an environmentally responsible ethos, opting for local, seasonal and chemical-free flowers. Having dedicated her working life to flowers for over 25 years, and amassing a list of clients which includes the Australian Ballet, Melanie is starkly aware of the romantic associations many of us have of floristry and yet remains pragmatic and transparent when it comes to speaking about the realities of operating a commercial business. We speak to Melanie about what it means to work each day with flowers, the pitfalls and triumphs of aiming to operate an ethical and environmentally sustainable business and raising children with hope for the future.


Abandon Floral Foam. NOW!

Few purchases seem as innocent as that of flowers – buying a bunch of beautiful blooms as a gift to communicate one’s love, celebrate a milestone or apologise for a misdeed – is a tradition that dates back centuries and sees no signs of slowing down. Today, in an age of information about ethical consumerism and growing awareness of the stories behind what we purchase, (whether that’s the rather nasty impact of buying fast fashion; the enduring and non-recyclable nature of that takeaway coffee cup; or the unfortunate life of the factory farmed animal which ended up on our dinner plate), nothing can (and should) avoid scrutiny. And so, under the microscope are flowers, and for very good reason.