3. Shelter

Shelter is an essential human need. How then is this most important concept intertwined with our relationship to plants? How do plants shelter us, and in turn, how do we shelter them? What does shelter mean in different contexts and cultures? Our content this month will explore the ways plants and humans orbit around the concept of shelter, in both a physical and psychological sense.

Worlds End Farm

HarvestWhen I think of shelter, in my head I see four walls and a roof. My heart,…

Plant Portraits

Art & DesignWhy are ugly babies and dangerously adored pooches the only ones who get the opportunity for studio…

A Beautiful, Purposeful Anarchy

GardensA gorgeous and heartfelt story by artist Genevieve Carrol about her wild garden in Hill End and the shelter it has provided her.

For The Love of a Canopy

BotanicaFreddie Mercury once sang ‘Open your eyes. Look up to the skies and see.’ An old art…

The Choirgirl Hotel

Botanica, CultureDive head first into the beautiful madness of the Choirgirl Hotel!

Boabs: Ancient Trees, Modern Needs

Botanica, CultureThe boab is the plant world’s most ardent multi-tasker. This native tree might tread the line between ugly…

Hope Gardens

Art & DesignWhat does the concept of shelter mean to someone without a home? Is it a distant dream,…

Food as Shelter: A Recipe

HarvestIn our homes there exists an inextricable web of food experiences, memories and stories that provide us…

The Handover

GardensLong before Playstations and Gameboys, far away from the school grounds where my friends were trading cards…

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