62. Jungle

The jungle is as much a real place as it is a mythical one. It’s a place where anything goes. A place of intrigue, mystery and incomprehension. It’s wild, its dark, and it’s inside us as much as it is ‘out there’. This month, as we lean towards an ending, we’re leaning also into the wilderness. Into the unknown. Join us, as we celebrate the last month of 2018, in the jungle.

Seeing the Jungle for the Trees

CultureIs it time we changed the way we depict jungles, from places of fear to reverence?

Horticultural Therapy: Finding Ground in Nature

Botanica, CultureKathryn Tam takes us on a mindfulness walk in the New York Botanical Gardens.

Stefano Mancuso’s Nation of Plants

BotanicaAn upcoming exhibition from neurobiologist & author Stenfano Mancuso explores the concept of plants as living & sentient beings.

Australian Dreamscapes: The Art of Gardening

GardensImmerse yourself in the wild beauty of photographer Claire Takacs's new book, Australian Dreamscapes

Living Art: Lina’s Garden

GardensShare in the wonder of Lina Massi's lovingly-tended Sydney garden.

Surviving the Urban Jungle, with Help from Herbs

HarvestThis is how naturopath Sarah Fehlberg survives in Sydney's urban jungle.

Plant/Life: A Camberwell Family Garden

Gardens, PeopleDrop by this gorgeous Melbourne family garden!

Why Listen to Plants?

Art & DesignA new exhibition in Melbourne asks what can we learn by listening to plants.

Mind your Words. Because they Matter

CultureA musing on language, landscape, nature and words.