47. Thrift

Thrift is a dirty word in a world of hyper consumption and addiction to affluence. It’s not here, though. We reckon it’s a ripper, and it’s something we’re darn good at practicing. This month in our Thrift issue we’re talking to frugal hedonists, propagators, seed savers, gardeners, and much more. It’ll be thrifty ‘n nifty. Join us!

Andrew Barker and Grow Free: Growing Community and Food

PeopleGrow Free is growing food, love and community!

How-To: Propagating Native Plants with Nancy Shaw

How-ToIf you’re looking for magic in your life, look no further than vegetative propagation.

Plant/Life: A Striking Suburban Melbourne Garden

GardensTake a trip to a gorgeous, and incredibly well loved, Melbourne Garden with us!

How-To: Re-Purposed Plant Pots

How-ToNever buy new plant pots again!

Among Equals: Empowerment for Women Weavers in Papua New Guinea

Art & DesignMeet Florence Jaukae Kamel - a woman weaving a better way of life for her family and community in Papua New Guinea.

Gardening is Not a Rational Act

Art & DesignAn exhibition exploring the relationship between art and gardens is popping up at Abbotsford Convent this spring.

The Art of Frugal Hedonism

CultureBecome a frugal hedonist and be free!

Alex Elliott-Howery’s Thrifty Kitchen

PeopleAlex is co-owner of Cornersmith cafe and the Queen of Kitchen Thrift.

Clare James is the Thriftiest Gardener

GardensYou can't always buy what you want, according to Clare.

How-to: Make an Insect Hotel

How-ToEncourage the good bugs to get busy in your garden!

Thrift is my Middle Name

CultureGeorgina Reid's life of thrift.

Tessa Watson’s Tea Garden

Gardens, PeopleTessa Watson grows her own tea!

David Holmgren’s Permaculture Revolution

PeopleA chat with the seriously revolutionary co-founder of permaculture.

How to Make Seed Bombs

How-ToLaunch a spontaneous floral attack with us!