4. Myth

I once left a freshly picked pumpkin outside in a full moon and it turned into a vampire, demolishing my basil crop and ringbarking my fig tree. The almost-ripe figs turned bright red and started dripping blood. Just before sunrise the pumpkin exploded, showering the garden with a green/orange sludge. Kind of like sloppy pumpkin and basil pesto. It was quite a scene.

Growing A Green Thumb: Part 1

How-ToBlack thumbs don’t exist. Nor do green thumbs. Thumbs are generally pinkish coloured and everyones’ looks the…

Art With Heart

Art & DesignPhillippa Carnemolla is a Sydney based industrial designer, jeweller and PhD scholar and spent 2013 as…

When Rotten Goes Right

HarvestBacteria have been unfairly judged. From an early age, we are taught to fear it, avoid it,…

No Patriotism in Exaggeration

CultureOn the second-last day of the 1888-1889 Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition a new photographic exhibit appeared in…

Tattoos, Beards and Flowers

Art & DesignAn interview with tough guy photographer Brock Elbank, who enjoys taking photos of beards, tattoos, and flowers. Yep flowers. Soft, ethereal and beautifully feminine flowers.

It’s Tool Time!

GoodsIt is a myth to say that garden hardware is all utilitarian and ugly. In fact, we…

Diego Bonetto: The Weedy One

PeopleIt’s a hot afternoon in March when I catch the train to an arts centre in western…

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