38. Surprise

There are few things more astonishing than plants. They never quite do what’s expected, they’ve always got a little something up their sleeve. Their intelligence, their relationships with the plants and animals around them, the ways they die and the ways they live are endlessly fascinating and regularly surprising. Let us amaze you this month as we roll on into the season of surprises. Everyone loves surprises, right?

Street Libraries: Books on the Footpath

CultureGrow community, grow literacy, grow hope. Grow a book garden on your street.

Soil: Nature’s Intestines

BotanicaThe incredible importance of the zombie world beneath our feet.

Food Gardening: The Ultimate in Surprise Seeking

HarvestNatasha Grogan reckons food gardening is the easiest way to inject joy and surprise into your life.

The Surprising Botany of Icecream

HarvestA sweet exploration of the surprising and secret botany of icecream

20 Cheeky Questions: Elle Prince

PeopleA chat with the co-founder of online plant shop Plants in a Box

Brilliant Green: Plant Intelligence Explained

Botanica, CulturePlants are WAY more brilliant than we realise. Be surprised!

Surprise! A Five Minute Survey + Competition

CultureHelp us shape the future of The Planthunter.

WATER KILLS: How to Water Indoor Plants

How-ToA guide to watering indoor plants

PLANT: Exploring the Botanical World

CultureThis beautiful new botanical art book is full of surprises

Love Kills: A Short Story

CultureA short story about a heart leafed philodendron caught in the crossfire of a failed relationship.