Sexy Plant Goods For All Budgets

Words by
David Whitworth
| September 15, 2014

Just as the title suggests; here is The Planthunters September pick of sexy plant stuff to lust over and covet, covering all (or most) budgets, including the imaginary…!

1.  Brass Watering Can

You’d never forget to water your plants if you owned this modernist beauty! Designed by Bauhaus-trained Carl Aübock in 1952, the pieces are still produced today by his family in the original Viennese workshop where they’ve always been made. Showcasing a celebrated approach to industrial design, the piece combines a sense of proportion, balance and weight, resulting in a product both pleasing and practical.

£625 (approximately $1110 AU)

The Garden Edit

2. Forca (Garden Fork)

Made from reclaimed copper, bronze and with Australian spotted gum hardwood handles, this garden fork adds a sense of luxury to the humble act of potting – I can’t imagine getting them dirty! Each piece in the reclaimed copper range is designed with organic principles in mind, in the hope that what is good for the garden is good for you.


Tait by CU reclaim

3. Solid Concrete Bowl

Beautiful rather than brutalist, these concrete bowls are handmade, meaning each is unique.


Zin + Bert

4. Brass and Cane Watering Can

Another Aübock beauty, this piece was designed in 1948, and with its elegant combination of the organic and the industrial, still looks current. This handmade indoor watering can is made from polished and patinated brass, and I want one.

£895 ($1590 AU)

The Garden Edit

5. Faceted Platinum Wall Vase

This vase has a history; wheel thrown and fired three times, it’s glazed with a heady mixture of feldspar, reed and wood ash, before being over-glazed with platinum. Made by Matthias Kaiser, who studied in Austria, the U.S and Japan, it also has global credentials, bring it home?

£245 ($435 AU)

The Garden Edit

6. Solid Concrete Gold Planter

This little concrete beauty will make any indoor space sparkle!


Zin + Bert