Retail Therapy: Garden Life Grows!

Words by
Georgina Reid
| March 19, 2015

Ok, so Planthunter isn’t really the kind of website that breaks news. But today, folks, we have a SCOOP! This is it: Richard Unsworth, owner of iconic Sydney garden shop, Garden Life, is closing his Redfern shop by the end of autumn and moving permanently to their recently opened warehouse shop in St Peters.  Yep, you heard it here first…

I had a chat with Richard about the new space – he is really excited about the opportunities and flexibility it offers. He has plans to incorporate workshops, food, edible plants and a whole range of other planty things that they were unable to do in the Redfern shop due to lack of space.

Whilst the location and size has changed, Richard’s ethos remains the same; ‘We will continue doing what we do as well as we possibly can’, he says.

The Garden Life gang are celebrating the opening of their new St Peters store with a big event this coming weekend, the 21st and 22nd of March.

Some of Garden Life’s pals will be joining in the festivities including:

  • Martin Boetz from The Cooks Co-Op will be cooking up a storm on the BBQ – and selling his Cooks Co-op Hawkesbury fresh produce, including local honey and delicious olive oil.
  • Byron Smith from Urban Growers will be on hand to talk about growing and propagating all things edible between 12-4 on Sunday.
  • Robert Swane will be giving away free edible plants with any purchase over $25.
  • Mickey Robertson of Glenmore House will have a stall at the space on Saturday, sharing stories of her amazing historic property and kitchen garden. (Check out some pics of her phenomenal garden in a recent Planthunter post here.)

It will be a blast and you probably should go. I am! Here are some pics of the new space by Nick Watt to get you salivating…

Garden Life St Peters
158 Princes highway
St Peters
TEL: 9517 3633

Opening Hours
9-5 Monday to Saturday
10-4 Sunday