Passionate Hunting of Plants: A Kit

Words by
Georgina Reid
| November 10, 2014

Yo’ve gotta be prepared for hunting plants. And passionate. So, we’ve put together a collection of bits and pieces to ensure your next plant hunting trip is as passionately perfect as possible. This is it:

Hunter Original Women’s Tall Boots

You need these. Stomping through the undergrowth requires good, solid, waterproof footwear. These extra tall gumboots have it all- they’re waterproof, comfortable, and endorsed by Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain. Or something like that. There is a little royal coat of arms printed in the top of the boot and it looks serious. Apparently, it has something to do with a Royal Warrant. Whatever that is.

Around $140 AUD




Henly Folding Flatwear Set

Hunting is hard work. So is passion. So if you are passionately hunting, it goes without saying that you need to eat passionately too. This neat little cutlery set by Henley will do just fine.

$39.95 AUD

Hunting For George

Taus Porcelain Hip Flask

Made in New Zealand by Tim Grocott, this neat little hip flask will hold just enough whiskey to warm your cockles after a hard day of hunting.

$115 AUD

Douglas & Bec

Handmade Leather Floral Belt

I WANT THIS BELT! It is the perfect addition to any plant hunt. Room for the secateurs, gloves, and a few sneaky cuttings. A little snip here, a little snip there, you know how it goes. Made to order by WheelerMunroe in North Carolina, USA, its made of oil tanned leather, brass fittings and I want it. Have I mentioned that already?

$198 AUD


Akubra ‘Adventurer’ Hat

For a successful hunt, you need a hat – there is nothing sexy about sunburnt noses and cracked lips. After a few years of hunting, this sturdy, yet rather handsome felt will be hard to take off…. Not that you’ll want to.

$179 AUD

Hats By The Hundred

Large Waxed Canvas Tote

You will need something to carry all your gear to and from when you’re on the hunt. This bag made of waxed canvas, lined with vintage fabric, and with an antique leather strap (reclaimed from WWII gun slings!), is just the thing.

Peg and Awl, the folk who make this bag, are based in Philadelphia, USA, and make a range of items from recycled and reclaimed materials. It’s seriously beautiful stuff!

$290 USD

Peg And Awl

Felco 6cc Leather Handled Secateurs

These leather handled secateurs are the best looking seccies I have seen! I want them. Made in collaboration with leather company D&C Manufacture, they were issued to mark the 60th anniversary of Felco.

Contact Felco for stockists & price

Polka Dot Raincoat

Don’t let a few spits of rain disturb your plant hunt! This spotty raincoat from Gorman will enable you to indulge your passion for plant hunting in any weather. And you will look great too – not something usually associated with wet weather gear.



Over The Shoulder Canvas Wine Tote

This is perfect. Stick a bottle of chardonnay in the tote, toss it over your shoulder and a hunting we will go. It even includes a steel opener for fuss free uncorking. And when you’re finished with the wine, fill the bottle with water and use it as a portable vase.


Hunting For George