Leaf Supply: Give some Leafy Love

Words by
Georgina Reid
| December 20, 2016

Flowers are great. I love receiving them. But then I get a bit sad, because they’re already on the way out by the time they arrive. A week later their stems are drooping, petals dropping, and the water’s getting stinky. They stay, because I can’t bear to throw them out. To make myself feel better, I ponder the fleeting nature of beauty and the swiftness of life, and eventually they either get dried and hung from a door frame, or turfed onto the compost heap.

Plants – living, breathing, life sustaining plants – are where it’s at for me. I was excited, then, to hear of my pal Sophia Kaplan’s new venture, Leaf Supply – A Sydney based plant + pot delivery service.

Each month, Sophia and her partner in plants Lauren Camilleri of Domus Botanica have three different plant and pot combos on offer:

  • The ‘Just Cos’, a simple little fellow wrapped in calico.
  • The ‘Good to Go’, a plant already potted up into a 140mm concrete planter.
  • The ‘Luxe Leaf’, a plant potted into a hand-made ceramic pot by a local ceramicist. This month they’re featuring a very cute little echidna pot made by ceramicist Lara Zilibowitz.

The lovely thing about Leaf Supply is the idea of investing in a little green for your home each month, and as Sophia suggests, it’s not just about how good it plants look – it’s also about wellbeing. “I don’t just love how foliage can completely transform a room – I really do believe that life is better when you’re surrounded by greenery.”

As well as delivering lovely little indoor plants to your door, Sophia and Lauren really want you to fall in love with gardening and growing. They provide specific care instructions with each plant, ensuring you learn and grow as your plant grows. A win win, if you ask me.

So, next time you’re thinking flowers, think foliage instead.

Check out Leaf Supply’s WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK