New Product: The Alchemy Eco-Weaving Kit

Words by
Georgina Reid
| September 22, 2014

Weaving. It’s made/making a comeback. All the people are doing it. One of our Planthunter pals from Melbourne, Belinda Evans, is leading the charge. We are so on-trend! Just jokes. Such bad words, them. Anyway, Belinda has just launched a hand made, limited edition weaving kit, and its rather lovely.

The contents of the kit

The idea for these kits originally came from Belinda’s search for the perfect weaving loom for herself.

I’ve woven on many different looms over the years and none of them did exactly what I wanted them to do – they were hard to set up, they fell apart while I was weaving, they didn’t allow flexibility in design, they were poor quality, too big to carry around, made using unsustainably sourced timbers – or all of the above.

She decided to put years of working with wood (and a workshop full of tools) to good use and designed and made her own loom. This girl is a do-er! Not only is the kit locally made, but Belinda has used several years of weaving and woodworking experience and nearly a decade in sustainability education to design a kit that is ethically sourced, beautiful quality and easy enough for someone who has no crafting experience to weave their own masterpieces.

The kit includes a set of six luxurious, plant-dyed, certified organic cotton yarns (grown and hand dyed using traditional farming and natural plant dyeing techniques) in a choice of four colour schemes inspired by the Australian natural landscape, a locally hand turned wooden bobbin (made using fallen native Australian timbers) and everything else you need to set up, create and hang your own weaving.

The kits are available to buy here!

More information about Belinda can be found here.

Full sustainability information on these kits can be found here.

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