Take a Trip With Dolcey & Duke

Words by
Georgina Reid
| October 21, 2014

I discovered Michelle Louise on instagram. Her bio says: Artist, vagabond, plant lover, and digital horticulturalist. The last description got me hooked, of course. I did some digging and discovered she has a brand called Dolcey & Duke; selling a range of cushions and fabrics popping with psychedelic planty madness. And you thought florals were all saccharine sweetness?! Think again!

Michelle describes Dolcey & Duke as a representation of the innate balance that exists in the universe, the yin and yang, and the male and female energies coexisting in all of us.

Endlessly inspired by nature, she has an obsession with quantum physics, the cosmos and sacred geometry. Through her exploration of photography, digital image manipulation and nature she creates kaleidoscopic digital artworks and large scale psychedelic gardens, printed on mostly silk and natural fibres.

She says:

The vivid lucid world of Dolcey & Duke wanders the woods, transcending the gaps between mechanical and organic structures. Uniting the two in digital organic harmony, the gap hastily fades into a natural fluidity of digital surrealism. Conjured here is a 1960’s emporium of psychedelic nostalgia. Observers are quickly taken in awe by kaleidoscopic monuments to nature.

The Dolcey & Duke website is coming soon. In the meantime, Michelle takes orders for custom made cushions. Drop her a line for more info: [email protected]