We need to talk.

Drop us a line if you want to contribute to the moveable feast that is The Planthunter. Or if you just want to say hi. We are quite friendly.

If you want to talk about serious stuff like advertising, please email [email protected]


Here at The Planthunter we are always interested in getting to know writers, photographers, and general creative types with a love of  plants. Actually, you don’t need to love them. You can just like them. Or you can hate them, as long as you can communicate this hatred clearly and eloquently with our readers! Oh yes, no editorial bias here at the media powerhouse that is The Planthunter.

So, if you have a story to share with us please send through a brief pitch (just one or two sentences outlining your story idea), accompanied by low res images if applicable. We will also need to see a couple of examples of your recent work. Please send these through with your initial pitch.

The Planthunter is run purely on love and passion. This means that we currently cannot afford to pay ourselves or our contributors. It also means we do not have the capacity to respond to every single pitch we receive. We will try our best, but we have to earn our keep!

Please get in touch if you feel the urge to share your brilliance with us.