Issue #21: ROAD TRIP

Road trips rule. They can provide a sense of perspective, freedom and space often tricky to unearth in our everyday lives. They also allow us to immerse ourselves in landscapes of a rawness rarely found in our cities. But most importantly, they’re all about seeing. Both new things, and old things in new ways.

This month on The Planthunter, we’re taking a trip. We’re packing our bags, secateurs, gumboots, and raincoat and heading west. Out bush. Up north. To Mexico, to central Victoria, to the wilds of the Amazon, and a bunch of places in between.

We’ve got stories about the largest cactus nursery in Australia, an ethnobotanic garden in Mexico, a man who loves trains, plants, and picture framing, a story of a pioneering botanical illustrator and much, much more.

Take a trip with us!

Georgina x