Issue #26: PATTERN

Our lives are a series of macro and micro patterns. From the repetition of our everyday behaviour, to the cyclical nature of our existence – there’s patterns everywhere. We seek them out in order to understand and interact efficiently with the world around us. This month we explore the word pattern and how it relates to plants and people. There’s plenty to talk about. Join us!

The first stop on our pattern hunt is Hong Kong, to explore the relationship between nature and humanity in one of the most urbanized places in the world. Then we’re talking about plants with patterned leaves, designers who make botanically inspired patterns for fabric and wallpaper, artists who explore the patterns made by themselves and nature, and ways we can break patterns of behavior with plants. And more, so much more. We look forward to sharing our plant x pattern love with you.

And then theres Christmas. Ahh… We’ll be off duty from the 23rd until the 4th of January. Wishing all a wonderful, relaxing, and safe end of year. Thank you for reading, sharing, and contributing to The Planthunter over the last year, I’m incredibly humbled by your support.

Yours in plants,

Georgina x