Issue #23: DESIRE

Desire has fuelled humanity’s most astounding highs and devastating lows. Without the desire for understanding we wouldn’t have a system for classifying plants, we wouldn’t have gardens without the desire for beauty, yet without the desire for money and power our world would be in a much better state than it is now. It’s SUCH an interesting word!

This month we’re talking desire on all levels. From it’s most primal expression (love-making!), to the desire for collecting plants, making cities more human, gardens of desire and much more.  We’ve got an outdoor lovin’ survey, a list of great outdoor places to take a first date and a bunch of other desirous tidbits to share.  Join us as we get serious, then as we get saucy in the shrubbery. It’ll be enlightening, if nothing else.

Georgina x

Image: ‘The dream’ by Henri Rousseau (image out of copyright)