Issue #19: DECAY

All living things decay. This is one of the few statements worth making with any certainty. Regardless of how much energy we humans exert avoiding the process, it happens. It also happens to flies, trees, elephants, buildings, and even diamonds (Shirley Bassey was wrong – diamonds are NOT forever!).

We rarely use the word decay when talking about human lives. We use words like permanence, certainty, and forever with great regularity, but not decay. It scares us. Decay in the plant world, however, is addressed with great regularity. The seasons evolve, the leaves change colour and die, the tree goes to sleep for the winter. And then life bursts forth in spring. And on, and on.

This month, in our Decay issue we’re celebrate the transience of life through art, compost, cemetery landscapes, tattoos, music and pickles. In short, we’re decomposing and we would love you to join us!