What makes a good life? How do our experiences shape how we see the world? How does landscape inform how we act and what we feel? This month we’re slowing down and asking the big questions about life, with plants. We’re talking to artists, designers, editors and others. Settle down with a cup of tea and join us in reflection.

I am currently traipsing around the Balkans. It’s mid-year rest time. Lucy Munro has taken over the reins as the acting editor and TPH couldn’t be in better hands. This month we’ll be publishing one story per week instead of two. The digital world gets ever speedier but our policy here at TPH is not to compromise content quality over quantity, and not compromise wellbeing over work. And so, we’re slowing down for a few weeks. I hope you, too, take time this month to stop and smell the roses, jasmine, wattle, eucalyptus. It’s all there waiting for you.

Yours deciduously,

Georgina Reid