ISSUE #64: Matters of the Heart

A garden is nothing if not a matter of the heart. How we live, grow, twist, turn and die are – at best and worst – matters of the heart.  And so, we launch into this year with hearts ablazing and visions aplenty. We have tales of grief and wonder, beauty and questioning, change and love. And plenty, plenty more.

The change is this:

After five years of The Planthunter being primarily fuelled by passion not money, we’re turning to our readers to ask for financial support.

If you value the stories, vision, and integrity of The Planthunter, please consider supporting it. Give a dollar or two or ten a month. Or more, or less. Or nothing. The content on the site will remain free to access always, yet it’s our dream that it’s supported primarily by readers.

The funds gifted by our audience will go directly towards supporting the production and commissioning of content. The more funds we raise, the more scope for better, broader, richer stories. They’ll also go towards less interesting, but no less important, things like website hosting, software, website updates and maintenance.

If you, too, want to grow hope and cultivate beauty, please consider supporting The Planthunter. If you, too, want to make our physical and digital worlds greener, richer and more thoughtful, please consider supporting The Planthunter. If you value our content, creators and perspectives, please consider supporting The Planthunter.

I wrote a longer essay/explainer about how/why we’re making this change. You can read it here.

Yours deciduously,

Georgina Reid