The jungle is as much a real place as it is a mythical one. It’s a place where anything goes. A place of intrigue, mystery and incomprehension. It’s wild, its dark, and it’s inside us as much as it is ‘out there’. This month, as we lean towards an ending, we’re leaning also into the wilderness. Into the unknown. Join us, as we celebrate the last month of 2018, in the jungle.

Holy moly what a year it’s been. It’s so clichéd but three minutes ago it was early April and I was packing my bags to fly off to California to shoot stories for The Planthunter book. And now, here I am in the boat-shed, the book is on the shelves and I’m saying goodbye to a bloody mad and wonderful year and planning for a new one.

We’ll be finishing up for 2018 on Friday the 19th of December. In January, we’ll be doing our usual BEST OF 2018 where we look back on our and your favorite stories of the past year. Come February, we’ll be back with big news and big visions for 2019.

As always, thank you for trundling along with us this year. It’s been such a pleasure meandering with you. Take your shoes off, shake out your hair, and come with us as we get dark and free in the jungle of 2018.

Yours deciduously,