Issue #6: MEMORY

The afternoon I visited my grandmother for the last time I drove the long way home; down narrow dirt roads flanked by stately old gum trees and farmland. The sun was setting, the light magnificent. I stopped and took some photographs. I was disappointed with them at the time, but their meaning now is different. They’re now a reminder of my last afternoon with Granny. Memory is what remains when time disappears.

Memory is a funny thing. Its power is immense – In many ways it shapes who we are and how we see the world, yet it can’t be relied upon for truth. Memories are stories we tell, and plant memories seem to be some of the most evocative and nostalgic; from the plants our parents grew, to flowers given by first loves. Join us this month as we reminisce, remember, rejoice and forget our memories of people and plants.

This month we have a huge amount of content. From stories of tattoos, childhoods, funerals, weaving, and creation of timber instruments, to dying fabrics with plants, the power of scent and a guide to memory aiding herbs. We also have a rather exciting new collaboration which will be launching this month (I think!), a little bit of media coverage to share, and plenty of rich, obscure and interesting stories and voices to let loose on you, dear readers.

April also marks our six month anniversary (six months is middle aged in digital years, by the way). Boy, have some wonderful memories been created in that time! So, thanks for reading, supporting and sharing The Planthunter, it has blossomed into something I am so very proud and excited to be at the helm of.

Georgina x