ISSUE 59: Nostalgia

To create a garden is to have a foot in the past, an eye on the future, and a heart in the present. This month we’re looking back – we’re swimming around ideas of the past, climbing family trees, rediscovering nana plants and much more. Take a stroll down memory lane with us.

“Creativity is a place. Memory is an image. The artistic process itself is a journey, a specific one, the return to a lost and cherished childhood realm, the original source of inspiration and identity”, writes Janine Bourke in Source: Natures Healing Role in Art and Writing. I’d thought about childhood and memory before but reading this book really made me realise the deep connection between creativity and memories of place. This looking back, towards a golden time, a softer time, a simpler time is what we’re exploring this month.

Nostalgia is a tricky word. I’ve been thinking about it as we prepare this issue of The Planthunter and must confess to feeling more and more confounded by it’s force as I go. It’s one of the strongest drivers in garden making, but there’s a quality to it that makes me squirm a bit. It’s too easy to be intoxicated by it, perhaps. Too simple.

I’m pondering it this month and will report back with my thoughts, as they develop. We’ve got a bunch of interesting, informed and irreverent stories this month so please hang about.

Yours deciduously,