Lust is a slippery slope. You start collecting just one tillandsia, orchid or hosta, and then suddenly you need all 650 species. Now. One of the seven deadly sins, though perhaps not up there with wrath or pride, lusty old lust is dangerous, intoxicating and exciting. Join us a lust fuelled waterslide this month. We’ve got aphrodisiac plants, fashion, garden envy and more. You’ll want more. And more. And just a little bit more…

I’m lusting after cactus this month. The wallabies are still eating my garden. They can have some of it, but not all. Wire cages abound – a practical and necessary solution for keeping tasty little plants alive. What they offer in protection, they certainly lack in beauty.

I decided yesterday that cactus is the answer. It’s not (currently) on the wallaby menu and makes a darn fine fence. I am going to grow a cactus fence like the one below, at Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca in Mexico. Brilliant, eh? Wish me luck, and if you have a few cactus arms that need trimming, I’m your gal.

Yours deciduously,