Issue #55: ABANDON

Let go! Jump! Fly! Garden with abandon, live with abandon, dream with abandon. This month we’re letting go of life, ideas, places and things whilst embracing life, ideas, places and things (and plants, always plants). It’ll be liberating. Join us.

What a great word abandon is. I think it’s something I could do more of. Starting this month, I’m abandoning limiting ideas of myself that don’t serve me well. I should have waved goodbye to them a few years back, maybe even a decade ago, but this month will do. Goodbye, old things…


I’m abandoning places as well as ideas too. I have officially left the city and am now a full-time river woman. It feels right. This morning I began reading a book by gardener and Zen Buddhist practitioner Wendy Johnson, called Gardening at the Dragons Gate. She quotes poet Gary Snyder:

Don’t move. Stay still. Once you find a place that feels halfway right, and it seems time, settle down with a vow not to move any more. Take a look at one place on earth, one circle of people, one realm of beings over time.

Not moving, according to Wendy, doesn’t mean not growing. “Settling deeply down on one spot of earth demands that you grow and change constantly just to keep up with the pulse and will of your place,” she writes.

So, here I am. Writing and gardening and staying put. There’s a book in the pipeline, hence my recent travel and current desire/need for solitude. It’ll be floating down river in November. More book talk soon…

Yours deciduously (after Edna Walling),