Issue #54: HOME

To connect with plants and nature through gardening, exploring, and observing is a powerful way of coming home to ourselves and Mother Earth. This month we’re exploring the many meanings and iterations of the idea of home. What calls us home? What does home look like? Where is home?

This month we’re exploring the ways gardens can ground us and create a sense of ‘homeness’, as suggested by Spanish designer Miguel Urquijo. Then there’s the concept of ‘tree changing’ explored by writer Freya Latona; an interview with Alex Kehayoglou, an argentine artist who explores the landscapes of her home country through the creation massive rugs; ideas of beauty, comfort and homeliness, and much more.

I’ll be away from home this month, far from my river shack and garden. Photographer Daniel Shipp and I are heading to California for a few weeks – shooting stories for both The Planthunter and an upcoming print publication (I’m very much looking forward to sharing more about this soon!). I am excited, but as a serious homebody, I know I’ll miss my half built house, wonky little garden and family.

Home is a place of shelter, safety and love. It can be anywhere – A garden, a rock in bushland, a house, a colour, a view. It’s the best place to be. The only place to be. Because, as Dorothy suggested in the Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like home.