Issue #53: ANIMAL

There are no plants without animals, and no animals without plants. Yep, we’re all in the lumpy, bumpy soup of life together. This month we’re exploring the relationship between feathers, fur, skin and scales and foliage, bark, flowers and photosynthesis. We’re talking wasps and orchids, dogs and plants, keeping animals away and drawing them in and all sorts of other animalistic ideas. Woof woof.

As I write this I think about my dog, Bess, who is currently on holidays at my parent’s place, due to my rather mad travel schedule at the moment. Before they took her home, I got rather worried. ‘She’s my mental health!’ I told my partner. ‘What will I do without her?’ We decided the only sensible thing for me to do was garden more. I’ve been holding off on planting too much, due to another animal issue: wallabies and possums. But, a girl has to look after herself, particularly when times get frantic, so plants have been planted, propagated and pruned. Fences have been erected and so far I’ve managed to keep both my sanity and my plants alive.

Bess is having a great holiday, I am told. But boy do I miss that girl. She’ll return, as will the wallabies and possums and hopefully the worms.

In the meantime, I’ll nurture myself as I grow my funny little river garden (more on this later in the month). I hope you enjoy this month’s content as much as we have enjoyed pulling it together for you.

Yours in plants (and animals),