Issue #50: IDENTITY

Who we think we are, how we live and interact with others and the world around us, and even how we garden are all influenced by our sense of identity. This month we’re exploring the word and its influence on life with plants in many ways. We’re talking to gardeners, designers, and artists about cities, plants, wellbeing and bees. And more. All the good things…

We’re heading to Italy, Adelaide, Queensland and the Blue Mountains of NSW on the hunt for stories that explore our ideas of ourselves in relation to the world around us. Once we’ve had our fill of plants and identity, we’ll step away from the screen and close the TPH doors for a well-earned (we reckon, anyway) end of year break.

Our last weekly email newsletter for the year will be sent on Wednesday the 20th of December. We’ll be back on board in January with our annual Best of 2017 issue, featuring our and your favourite stories of the past year. February is when all the new stuff drops – We’ll be back into it, refreshed and excited for our fifth year of hunting plants, with you.

Thank you for continuing to read and support The Planthunter online magazine in 2017. I am incredibly appreciative and humbled by the fact that our readership continues to grow as our content evolves. TPH, to me, is more than a pretty plant website. It’s always been, and always will be, an open minded and curious exploration of the connections between humans and the natural world, in the hope that a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich beauty and interconnectedness of all life will lead to a shift in the way we humans see and interact with nature and each other. For the better. For the sake of all life on planet Earth.

Thank you, again, for traipsing along with us in 2017. I am extremely grateful.

Yours in plants,

Georgina Reid