Issue #5: THEATRE

According to a wise man I know, theatre is the closest artform to gardening because they are both dictated by time. Once a house is built it becomes a relatively static object, as does a painting or a product. There is nothing static about a garden! It grows, evolves, changes, dies, re-shoots etcetera. The same could be said of a play – every performance of the same play is different.

We have a range of wonderful and slightly weird content coming up this month, including an interview with handsome television personality/landscape architect/occasional actor Brendan Moar, an essay on Shakespeare’s affinity to flowers, a story about plants used in the operating theatre, and plenty more. In fact, aside from interviewing Cate Blanchett, we have it all covered. We tried, ok, but she was in LA winning some award. Whatever.

Yours in plants,

Georgina x