Issue #48: REBIRTH

Rebirth happens every minute of every day. The best place to ponder it is crouched on the ground in the garden with hands in the dirt and eyes open. Open to everything. It’s all there. It’s all here, too. Join us as we compost Carl Linnaeus’s atoms, talk landscape regeneration, birds and more. It’ll be metaphysical, transformational and fun!

Someone wrote recently (I’ll be damned if I can find where I read it) that the garden encapsulates the incredibly beautiful theatre of life in all its decaying, growing, dying and evolving glory like no other. Flowers in the peak of their life grow in dirt made of death, and trees slowly grow from the outside and die on the inside. Bugs that live just days do their job – pollinating a plant – then they’re done, transformed fodder for the ants and worms.

We humans do all these things too but often find re-birth in ourselves challenging. The garden is a place where existential ideas can be explored in a more accessible manner. Hence, we’ve got a bunch of really interesting reads to share this month. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Georgina x