Issue #47: THRIFT

Thrift is a dirty word in a world of hyper consumption and addiction to affluence. It’s not here, though. We reckon it’s a ripper, and it’s something we’re darn good at practicing. This month in our Thrift issue we’re talking to frugal hedonists, propagators, seed savers, gardeners, and much more. It’ll be thrifty ‘n nifty. Join us!

Call it cheap, tight, skimpy, frugal. Call it what you want, but there’s plenty of poetry to be found in the conscious choice to be mindful of how much money or resources are being used, and questioning whether less is actually more. There’s an elegance in thriftiness if you ask me.

In my garden, it comes down to value. I can’t stand to think that something that has so much potential for life, like a broken off succulent stem, or prunings from an over-abundant shrub, is not offered a chance at beauty. This is a bit of a problem, as my over-crowded backyard will attest. Cuttings get saved up, often stuck in a jar on a windowsill and eventually re-potted.

I have a feeling I’m not alone. Even the grand dame of gardening, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, was known her frugality. I reckon it’s a common trait shared by many gardeners and plant lovers.

This month is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this quality. We’ll meander (as usual) towards new ideas, more questions than answers and, as always, a field of hope.

Yours in plants,