Issue #45: DIRTY

Dirt contains the beginnings and the ends of all lives on earth. A handful of it holds promise for the future, the stories of the past, and a few million microbes. This month on TPH we’re connecting with this wonderful ecosystem. We’re going barefoot, getting gardening, talking dirty and clean, and exploring the ecosystems underneath our fingernails. Join us, and don’t bother with the soap.

I was always dirty as a child, according to my mum. If I was eating, the food was spread from ear to ear and all over my clothes. Same, if I was in the garden. Dirt everywhere. I’m not sure how much has changed – I certainly never wear white! I guess I’ve always been into the brown stuff. My fingernails are testament to this.

I’m pretty happy with this month’s theme, then. I’ll enjoy pondering my relationship with the brown stuff as I dig, dig, dig in my wild river garden (more on this in this issue…)

Georgina x