Issue #44: ISOLATION

Isolation is an incredibly layered concept – devastating in some circumstances and illuminating in others. Given that nothing exists separately to anything else in this world, it’s in many ways an idea rather than a reality, albeit a powerful one. This month we’re talking solitude and creativity, chatting with Thomas Woltz about connection, heading to the Albanian hills and the Australian bush. And more. Always more.

I’m an introvert. For me, isolation, or perhaps its friendlier sounding synonym solitude, doesn’t evoke fear. In fact, its something I look forward to and often yearn for. Quietness, space, calm. I’ve dreamt for many years of leaving the city and moving to a quieter place. Somewhere where there are more trees than humans. Finally, it seems my dreams are no longer whispers in my mind but physical reality.

A house on a river, in the bush. That’s where I’m headed. Concerns have been raised about my predilection for isolation, and whether I’ll forget to engage with the buzzing, connected world on the other side of the river. Of course, I will. And I’ll likely write more about this new adventure of mine later in the month. But for the meantime, enjoy the quiet connection and solitude of this month’s Isolation issue.