Issue #41: PLAY

Play. What a word, what an idea! What fun, what joy. What? Play is such a rich and important aspect of our existence but the older we get, the more often it’s seen as frivolous, time-wasting and unimportant. No, no, no! We’ll fiddle with this idea on TPH this month with a gorgeous collection of stories about plants, people, and play. Play along with us.

I’ve always been a player. Testing, experimenting, tinkering. More often than not with plants. Life gets heavy though, and often the first thing to be axed is play, forsaken for more ‘serious’ pursuits like emails, invoices, meetings.

I do this all the time, regardless of my love of play. I do it all the while knowing my best ideas, insights, and ponderings happen when I’m not working, but when I’m playing. Why? I don’t know.

Children are the best players, so this month we’ll be taking a leaf out of their book – exploring nature based play and learning. We’ll also be talking about music, as without plants there’s little music to be played. And then there’ll be garden play, soil play, cactus play and more.

More play less fear. That’s my motto this month. Join me. Join us.