Issue #4: MYTH

I once left a freshly picked pumpkin outside in a full moon and it turned into a vampire, demolishing my basil crop and ringbarking my fig tree. The almost-ripe figs turned bright red and started dripping blood. Just before sunrise the pumpkin exploded, showering the garden with a green/orange sludge. Kind of like sloppy pumpkin and basil pesto. It was quite a scene.

The theme for this month, Myth, is an interesting one. There are thousands of crazy myths about plants, from the above (dramatically embellished) myth of vampire pumpkins from the Balkans, to the current ‘I have a black thumb’ tale.

Our stellar line-up includes an essay on myth by Doctor Lisa Cooper, an interview with Rohan Anderson (Whole Larder Love) by new The Planthunter contributor Jessica Bineth, a profile of British photographer Brock Elbank by the delightful Amber Creswell Bell, an exploration of mad plant myths (vampire pumpkins etc!), and plenty more fantastical planty tales written/photographed by wonderful people.

Also, just to blow our little trumpet, last month we were featured in a couple of blogs/websites (I don’t know what to call digital stuff these days!) Gardenista wrote a story about us, as did Daily Addict. Check them out if you want.

Yours in plants,