Issue #38: SURPRISE

There are few things more astonishing than plants. They never quite do what’s expected, they’ve always got a little something up their sleeve. Their intelligence, their relationships with the plants and animals around them, the ways they die and the ways they live are endlessly fascinating and regularly surprising. Let us amaze you this month as we roll on into the season of surprises. Everyone loves surprises, right?

This month we’ve got a bumper crop of curiosities. From surprising locations for libraries, gift guides, intriguing vegetables, awe-inspiring people, and much much more.

We’ll be closing down for Christmas on Friday 22 December, and will be back in January with our usual ‘Best of’ month, and fully on deck in February 2017 with a bunch of brand new stories celebrating the good life: life with plants.

Finally, thank you so much for your support in 2016. We’ve had a wonderful year, and are getting excited about the new one just around the corner. TPH has now been around for three years now, and every day we feel incredibly humbled to have you drop by to read our ramblings, get inspired by the stories of others, and (hopefully) be inspired to connect with plants, online or off. Thank you so much. Really.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season,