Issue #29: FEAST

Sensory overload, that’s what we’re about this month. We’re going to eat, see, and celebrate the richness of life with plants from a range of perspectives. We’ve got lots of foodie stuff, lots of gorgeous gardens, and much more. Munch through March with us and see the world as it really is – a big, fat, moveable feast.

For me, feast is about perception, not grand expense. The simplest meal of homegrown tomatoes on fresh bread can be a revelatory experience if we let it. Likewise, there’s grandness in the commonest of vistas depending on our standpoint. As it often does, it all comes back to seeing.

Our line-up this month is all about feasting, seeing, and celebrating. We’ve got an interview with indigenous elder Fran Bodkin of the Dharawal people, a visit to a desert community garden, a bunch of great gardens to share, a survey of foodies like Jill Dupleix, Matt Skinner, Raph Rasheed, and plenty more.

Feast on us this month.