Issue #28: COSMIC

We’re baaack…Yep, after a month of plotting, planning and exploring we’re back at the keyboard refreshed (sort of), relaxed (not entirely), and terribly excited about the year ahead (true). This issue, COSMIC, is going to be huge. We’re chatting with an astronomer, exploring biodynamic farming, tree tarot, moon planting, and sharing plenty of brilliant gardens. And more. It’ll be cosmic!

This month, as well as launching our COSMIC issue, we’re also releasing a whole lot of fresh stuff into the atmosphere, inspired by the results of our reader survey in November last year. It was a wonderful exercise and really helped us clarify ways we can make The Planthunter the best it can be for you, our audience.

Kicking things off is The Planthunter Directory – a resource for our readers to find the best planty products, people and places. Like all things we do, we’re keeping it small, curated and relevant. There’s a limited amount of brands per category, and 9 categories in total (plants, pots, tools, accessories, services, learn, retail stores, indoors, furniture). We’re launching today with just over 20 brands, and hope to grow this number to become a rich resource of green goodness for all.

Then there’s the new content features. The first is a reader profile series – where readers submit their stories about their life, with plants. We reckon everyone has a plant/life story and we’re really excited about hearing from our audience about theirs.

Remember the agony aunt columns in the teenage girl magazines? I do. ‘Dear Dolly, My dog chased the postman and now I’m pregnant’, that kind of thing… Well, we’re launching our own agony aunt column called Dear Hunter, where we’ll try to answer the big plant questions keeping you up all night.

And men, we like men. So we thought we’d make a regular man column called ‘The Manscape’. Every few months we’ll ask a new man to tell us something about plants. The inaugural Manscape Man is Charlie Lawler from Loose Leaf in Melbourne. We’re really excited about hearing from him.

There’s more, of course, but I reckon this is enough for the time being. We’re really excited about 2016. Any year that begins with the cosmos is bound to be a good one. It’s going to be cosmic, man.

Yours in Plants,

Georgina x