Connection. The Planthunter exists because of this word. Our raison d’etre is to celebrate the many and varied connections between people and plants. We do this with passion, authenticity, joy, and a dash of weirdness.

There’s a deep connection between humans and plants. Perhaps it’s primal, perhaps it’s divine. I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that if plants don’t exist, humans don’t exist. So, whilst The Planthunter is an exploration of the connections between humans and plants, it’s also a call to arms. A seductive, subtle, and celebratory one at that.

It could be suggested that the connection between humans and plants is more compromised now than ever. There are plenty of explanations for this, including rapid technological changes, urbanization, and increasing specialization. Whilst it’s important to understand the situation, I don’t think its helpful bemoaning it.

What I want to do with The Planthunter is tell stories, share knowledge and celebrate plants, in the hope the importance and beauty of our connection with the natural world will become clearer, stronger, and ultimately, healthier.

This month’s content, revolving around the word Connection, promises to be a rich, celebratory and revealing collection of stories, images, and ideas.

Please join us as we wander down the garden path, observing, pondering, seeing, and connecting.

Georgina x