Issue #12: FABRIC

Plants made us who we are today. With woven plant fibres we protected ourselves from cold, we made baskets to carry our goods, we built shelters, we created. Fabric enabled migration, protection, storage, settlement. And plants enabled fabric (well, initially anyway!)

Wild harvested flax was where it started, around 30 000 years ago in Georgia. Fibres were found in a cave there in 2009, knotted and dyed black, turquoise and pink. It seems we have been designing as long as we have been existing!

Fabric also means connection, the threads that bind us to each other and all living things. This month on The Planthunter we explore the word Fabric and how it relates to life with plants. It’s going to be a good one! We’re talking natural dyeing, fashion design, textile design, hemp, art and fabric, photography and WAY MORE. Get up close and personal with plants with us!

The slider image is based on a photograph by J. A. Palmer of a cotton plant (Gossypium hirsutum), taken in late 1870’s. It is out of copyright.