Issue #10: SEX

They say size doesn’t matter. I beg to differ. This month’s content here at The Planthunter is absolutely HUGE. And that’s the way we like it.

Apparently the Planthunter contributors all love talking/writing/thinking about sex. Hence, we have stories coming out of all orifices. They’re rippers too. They’re hot, steamy, scientific, romantic, and seductive. Think Frida Kahlo and her gardens and lovers, a photographic exploration of Sydney’s gay beats, an interview with former stripper and landscape designer Jamie Durie, an aphrodisiac herbal elixir recipe, and plenty more.

Join us as we romp through the month of August, spreading the Planthunter seed to all corners of the globe (taking appropriate precautions of course). It’s the botanical equivalent of a Contiki tour!