Issue #18: SCENT

There is something magical about the power of scent. In just one instant it can transport us to a distant memory, a future dream, a place, a feeling, an idea. For just a few seconds we are there, right there. And then it’s gone. It’s such an evocative and emotionally charged sense – one primarily of the heart rather than the head. Except when the toast is burning…

Plants and scent are entirely interwoven in my mind. I challenge anyone to not have an emotive relationship with a plant scent, positive or negative…I reckon it’s impossible but I’m happy to be proven wrong. This month on The Planthunter we are exploring the nature of scent in both the human and plant worlds and the relationship between the two.

To further explore the varied ways we respond to scent this month we have created a Planthunter Scent Survey – we’ve asked a range of people from all spheres of life some simple questions about scent. Whilst the questions are not specifically about plants, many of the answers are. Interesting, huh?

We’ve got recipes from Matt Wilkinson’s new book, poems, stories about coffee, wine, gin, interviews with Maggie Beer, Saskia Havekes of Grandiflora, Brooklyn based perfume house DS & Durga and so much more! If only there was a way of sharing scents digitally!

Also, a special thanks needs to go to Sally Wilson for her mammoth efforts in helping collect and edit this months content all the way from Mexico – I’m not sure it could have happened without her. What a woman!

Georgina x