Foliage Fantasies

Words by
Georgina Reid
Illustration by
Michael Hili
| August 21, 2015

We all like a bit of escapism now and then, and if you’re a nature lover as well as a human lover, perhaps you’ve indulged in fantastical thoughts about getting it on outside? Our readers have, and have very generously shared their ultimate outdoor loving scenarios. From silent sailor girls to making love on a tinny in Sydney Harbour on New Years Day, the answers are diverse, entertaining and enlightening. Enjoy!

‘It used to be barn/hay scenarios. But I feel too old to want anything other than in a bed now! Or maybe a long grassed hillside at twilight would be okay..’

‘A threesome in an orange grove when it’s in full bloom.’

‘I would love to be filmed in the forest making love in a sensual and playful group orgy.’

‘I have always had a fantasy of having huge four poster bed in my secret garden with flowered vines growing up the posts and fluffy down bedding covering the bed. It would be a special secret where I could meet my lover (my husband).’

‘Either making love in the sunshine in a field of poppies or under the night sky of the aurora borealis (could get a little nippy though…)’

‘Making love at night, in water where there is phosphorescence… or in a beautiful natural hot spring – love the freedom of movement in the water.’

‘In our tinny on Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve. One day!’

‘A friend told me about a time he and his woman made love while sitting on a horse. I would think that would be very cool.’

‘Finding a beautiful dark haired blue eyed sailor girl on the beach and making such a connection, she leads me away and handles everything with out a word spoken.’

‘Tied to a tree in a forest. The beach waves audible in the distance. Teased.’

‘Have been fairly adventurous in he past and would now be simply happy with good loving in our beautiful backyard!’

‘Probably just a guarantee that no-one else is around so I can just enjoy it without being paranoid of being seen!’

‘On the riverbanks, in the reeds, in the shade – I am like a mermaid he has been waiting to catch a glimpse of, and then I appear. We are all entangled on the muddy riverbank, half in the water, half in the soil. My boyfriend is so intrinsically connected to nature that sometimes he dreams he’s a bird, back on the farm in the trees he grew up surrounded by.’

‘My husband and I running through a meadow of wild flowers and corn in summer. We would chase each other until we fall to the grassy warm earth and make love hidden amongst the blooms.’

‘Making love at night on a jetty in the moonlight with waves crashing beneath us.’

‘Actually, no. Too old for that now! My fantasy is just for my knees and ankles not to crack when I stand up.’