Erika Raxworthy

Erika Raxworthy is a Jill of all creative trades who spends her days between styling, photography and graphic design, amongst other odd jobs. Her blog is where she lets her inner crafter and baker run free, sharing the bits of life that bring her the most joy. VISIT ERIKA’S WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER

Pomegranate and Walnut Relish With Chargrilled Eggplant

HarvestIt’s fascinating and mildly amusing to explore the lores surrounding aphrodisiac foods. Whether fact or fiction, the…

Recipe: Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad

HarvestA few years back, the marketing term ‘superfood’ surfaced, starting a craze of slamming down blueberries, while…

Black-Eyed Peas with Kale & Fennel

HarvestAs one grows older, the concept of memory becomes ever more elusive. As my younger self, I…

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