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Issue 36: WATER

From The EditorWater sustains all life on earth. It’s a symbol of fertility, purification and femininity, and we humans…

Issue #35: WOMAN

From The EditorWomanly life, with plants.

Issue #34: SIN

From The EditorWe're nibbling on forbidden fruit this month!

Issue #32: COMMUNITY

From The EditorThis June we're exploring the ties that bind us together.

Issue #31: MAN

From The EditorAn exploration of life, with plants (and men).

Issue #30: SMALL

From The EditorBig isn't always better.

2015: The Year That Was

From The EditorThe greatest hits of 2015

Issue #26: PATTERN

From The EditorAn exploration of the word pattern and how it relates to plants and people.

Issue #25: CHANGE

From The EditorThe times they are a changin'.

Issue #24: ART

From The EditorPlants, people and ART. A most perfect trio.

Issue #22: RITUAL

From The EditorAn exploration of rituals involving plants, nature and people.

Issue #23: DESIRE

From The EditorAn overview of the August issue of Desire.

Issue #20: CRAFT

From The EditorExploring and sharing collaborations between highly talented humans and plants.

Issue #19: DECAY

From The EditorAll living things decay. This is one of the few statements worth making with any certainty...