Weir: An Exhibition of Landscape Painting

Words by
Georgina Reid
| September 30, 2014

David Whitworth is one of the Planthunters. He is also a very talented artist and is about to have a joint exhibition with fellow painters Natalya Shinn and Becky Gibson at the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery from the 4th until the 14th of October. Conceived following a weekend at Garie Beach in the Royal National Park, the exhibition is an exploration of childhood, memory and landscape. If I were you, I would go. Just saying.

David Whitworth, 'Garie / Banksia' 2014, Acrylic on Board.

This is what David says about the exhibition:

Spending a sunny day (or a few) painting with friends has to be one of the best ways to be awake. Especially if you get to stay in a super charming beach-front cottage far away from phone reception, traffic, and responsibilities. It’s a particularly rich experience if you share a common connection to the place. As three painters who spent a lot of our childhoods in the Royal National Park, we wanted to have an exhibition as a way of  re-connecting with the landscapes and memories that form the fabric of our childhoods.

David has kindly translated the original statement into art-wank too. What a guy!

Each artist is seeking to re-engage with the imaginative landscapes of their childhood, most notably those of the Royal National Park. Primarily through the medium of painting, the works seek to express the relationship between place and meaning in each artist’s contemporary creative practice.

Join the artists, David Whitworth, Natalya Shinn, and Becky Gibson,  at 2pm on Saturday 4 October to celebrate the opening of the exhibition.

4-14th October 2014
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery
782 Kingsway, Gymea

More details and directions here.

David Whitworth, 'Casuarina' 2014, Acrylic on Board.
David Whitworth, 'Peninsula' 2014, Acrylic on Board.
David Whitworth, 'Garie at night' 2014, Acrylic on Board.
David Whitworth, 'Banksia 2' 2014, Acrylic on Board.
David Whitworth, 'Bright' 2014, Acrylic on Board.