The Beauty of Passing Form

I wanted to capture the death throes of plant life through the lens of a camera. Photos of a single plant over a period of time would be blended as layers in a single composition into one still image. This one image would show various stages of the process of decay. Each stage would show as transparent and integral.

I set up the camera on a tripod and placed the subject matter in front of it. This immediately proved to be a monotonous process. I was a meter or so away from the subject and I felt disengaged. After two days of sitting with the passing process I realized that my mind’s initial idea of capturing death was static.  Voyeuristic. I had an image in mind and I was producing it with the distance of a single perspective.

I had two choices.  Stay with my mind or unplug myself from it.

The flowers live and die so fully. And quickly! Passing does not happen in a single direction, like our linear approach to concept of time. The same statement is true for life, all life.

I spontaneously switched to a macro lens so I could get closer to the process. The time lapse was no more. I was capturing the passing process that itself became completely free of the concept of time! I was in it. The barrier of the conceptual fell away. I was the process. I was the passing. This intimacy was so beautiful. Beyond form.

Multidirectional death is true life.

STOP PRESS! Actually, start the press.

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