Swing by the Secret Garden

At The Planthunter we do love to share a secret, particularly when it involves plants. One we think you should definitely know about is ‘Secret Garden’, a group exhibition at Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood from the 1st till the 18th of October. Safe to say, the 22 artists showcased are all intent on exploring one thing close to our own hearts: the relationships between people and plants.

Elizabeth Barnett, 'My Secret Garden'. Image courtesy of the artist.

Behind every great art show are energetic thinkers, and ‘Secret Garden’ is no different. Sophia Cai and Caitlin Shearer are the joint curators of ‘Secret Garden’, and they’re two multi-talented women. Caitlin is an artist/designer from Sydney, whose work features prominently in the show (‘Narcissus With Mirror’ has caught our eye) and Sophia is an art historian/curator (and knitter!) based in Melbourne. Put their creative minds together and you have ‘Secret Garden’.

‘It is telling that in our current digital/social-media infused/technologically-minded age, the romance of plants remains a vivid source of artistic inspiration,’ says Sophia. The Australia artists brought together by Sophia and Caitlin share through their works a common interest in plants, but also collectively explore the connections between people and plants across a range of mediums including painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, textiles, glass and ceramics.

Secret Garden is not the first art exhibition on this topic, and it will not be the last,’ Sophia says. ‘After all, it’s said that looking at greenery relaxes our eyes, so is it any wonder that we return again and again to the natural world for answers? In a world of noise and clamour, the silence of plants offers a powerful remedy of respite and calm.’

Go along to exhibition at Schoolhouse Studios in Collingwood and you’ll find that respite and calm in the works of artists like Elizabeth Barnett, Eloise Maree Crossman and Victoria Garcia. You’ll also be swanning around in a sea of flowers, specially designed for the exhibition by Elizabeth Dziedzic of The Handsome Bloom.

‘Secret Garden’ opens on Thursday, 1 October at Schoolhouse Studios from 6–8pm, and runs until 18 October. The exhibition then travels south side, to the Southbank Library, from 1 November.

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Work by Edith Rewa. Image courtesy of the artist.
Work by Aimee Fitzgerald. Image courtesy of the artist.
Work by Rosaleen Ryan. Image courtesy of the artist.
Victoria Garcia, ‘Hypernature’, Image courtesy of the artist.
Eloise Maree Crossman, ‘Somewhere’. Image courtesy of the artist.
Caitlin Shearer, ‘Narcissus in the Mirror’. Image courtesy of the artist.