The Garden in Transition

Words by
Jemimah Gray
Images by
Jemimah Gray
| May 8, 2015

In mid 2013, my parents purchased what they intended to be a weekender in Kyneton, Victoria…

Previously owned by an academic horticulturalist (but as the real estate agent kept repeating, ‘definitely not a gardener’), Mum and Dad have been kept very busy wrangling with a garden that changes shape and offers new suprises almost on a weekly basis. They did, however, have to concede, as summer became autumn, that they could not keep the grounds looking as manicured and lush as it had been for the 6 months prior. Fruit was falling off the trees far quicker than they could pick it, and dead leaves litter the lawns. I spent some time documenting this change of season, in part, to show that there is beauty in this transition.

The last crop of apples
I suspect a possum was responsible for this constructed still life image
Wild fennel choking the daisies
It’s a shame for my parents that they don’t make daughter proof netting